Sunday, July 16, 2006

How Many Cities Have "Duck" Tours?

Ham of London Daily Photo also posted a photo of a WWII amphibious craft being used as a tour vehicle on land and water in London. We have them here, too. (Does YOUR city have these used as tour vehicles? If so, post a photo.) It was uncanny, but as I was getting my car washed and snapping photos of the pink elephant sign for Ham, one of Seattle's Duck boats zoomed by. I was surprised I got the shot, as I just had time to look up and click the shutter. I heard the tour driver encouraging those on board to sing out "Shake your money maker. . ." to some really bad disco music as they rolled past the elephant. . .kinda cheesy. The Ride the Ducks tour can orient visitors quickly to many key sites they might wish to visit at length later, and there is no end of city trivia dispensed by the entertaining pilots. Here's something fun to do today: check out Marie of Alexandria, VA, USA's "Best of Daily Photo," where she has chosen personal favorites with her studied eye and has several categories of favorites. Really, really nice.
c. 2006 Seattle Daily Photo


Ovelikios said...

Thanks for the comment at Athens Daily Photo. Send me your e-mail to to send you more of that kitten.

Ham said...

Hey, Quack! great to see the duck deluxe. I wonder how many other cities use them?

Eric said...

I'm not sure, but I think they have these things in Boston. Maybe Alex over there can tell you.

Alex said...

Hi Kim,
Boston also offers the amphibious duck tour. I'll make a post very soon that you can check out.