Monday, July 10, 2006

Welcome to Seattle Daily Photo!

Here is a first photo for the global city daily photo community from my little corner of this large American city perched on the northwest of the Pacific Rim. I hope you'll enjoy some of the views of Seattle daily life through my particular lens.

Truly a 21st Century Library: I took this shot in the architecturally amazing new downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library. These six guys at a bank of computers along a sunny window-scape on the ground floor caught my eye. Perhaps one of them is following a link to one of our City Daily Photo Blogs? This is how we connect with each other, on the other side of the screen--our little windows on the bigger world of the cities we have to show each other. I'll have more photos of this very special space for you.
c. 2006 Seattle Daily Photo


Anonymous said...

Nice picture... the lines of the building and the people are great.

Congrats on starting your new DP blog. I look forward to seeing what you post. I love Seattle.

Jenny said...

Welcome to the DP Family - great shots to start. I love Seattle (my sister lived there for five years) so I'll come visit often. (The first time I ever had an orange peel in coffee was from a delicious cup I bought from a cart in a grocery store parking lot!) I was wondering though: why do you have your profile set to not show your blog? One day to generate traffic is by people following the link from comments you leave on other blogs -people will click on your profile and then to your blog. So you're losing hits by hiding it!

Oleanderman said...

Welcome - and thanks for a great photo. Look forward to following your posts. Good luck from another DP newbie!

AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com said...

Welcome! You will enjoy this activity and find quite addicting.