Friday, December 15, 2006

Have Lunch Over Seas

Photo & Text Copyright 2006 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

This distinctive advert on an aging brick facade urges us to enjoy the Washington State Ferries. They ARE relaxing. Something the routine of queuing-up, driving aboard, going to an upper deck for a bite and to read or converse with friends. Students will tell you it's a great place to study! There is something about the throbbing hum of a ferry motor that puts folks at ease and lulls some to sleep. Except in stormy weather. And in the gale force winds we have just had all around the Puget Sound, eating on board a ferry would not hold its normal appeal!


Olivier said...

j'aime beaucoup cette enseigne, elle est tres belle. on sent une histoire dans cette enseigne.

I like much this sign, it is very beautiful. one feels a history in this sign.

Jing said...

i like that ad sentence:
have lunch over seas!!
and why those ad guys could think out this kind of clever sentence???
its amazing for me.
and also Bluey also showed us that very clever ad saying:
beijing, once forbidden, now daily.

and i like that green moss and car's shots as well.

have a nice weekend.

thx for leaving the nice comments for shanghai, and i am so happy you could know more information about the changing of this city. And the speed is so fast that sometimes we also can not regonize some familiar places.

Kate said...

Kim, Hope you're safe and sound. News on CNN this am re. the storm in the Pacific Northwest with 100 mile an hour wide didn't sound good!

Yes, I too like the faded facade of the building. We often take a very short ferry in WI to an Island where we vacation is always a thrill.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. I grew up in Seattle and will be back next week for a visit. Maybe I'll be posting a Seattle shot or two.

Unknown said...

Great photos as always. I hope you are staying dry and I hope you have electricity. I will be in the area next week so hopefully the bad weather will pass.