Friday, December 22, 2006

Suddenly I Was in Paris

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It was a welcome treat on a cold, cold afternoon to come across this wonderful sidewalk crepe stand under the huge glass arch near the Seattle Convention Center. The indoor restaurant we had planned on near the theater was too crowded to make show time. La Creperie Voilà to the rescue! Delicious menu twists featuring Pacific Northwest fare served Breton style (I enjoyed the salmon, and everything was fresh, fresh, fresh!). It brought great memories of my friend Emeryville Amy's 'Mes Amis Creperie' before she sold it, and of coming across similar stands after long walks in Paris. What is it about walking in the cold that makes hot crepes soooo satisfying? With nearby indoor seating and great company, it was a movable feast.


Olivier said...

un repas de crepe, cr'est delicieux. cela donne envie.

a crepe meal, they is delicious. that gives desire.

Rodney said...

I'm jealous no such crepe place here in the OC or not any good ones.

Kris said...

love her hair!!