Monday, January 29, 2007

I Couldn't Believe I Was Seeing It!

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I clicked the shutter in horror as this seaplane drew closer and closer to a condo high rise in the Belltown neighborhood. My heart skipped a beat. To see the next shot, click on my More Seattle Stuff page. Best viewed large (click photo, click "All Sizes," click large).


Olivier said...

photo tres impressionnante. beau coup d'oeil

very impressive photograph. beautiful glance

Dsole said...

Wow! you're right! you take my breath away for a moment!!
Absolute lucky shot, to be there in that moment!

Anonymous said...

No one wants to go through that again! Annie in Little Rock

Kim said...

Olivier, Merci mon ami.

Dsole, I'm learning to always have the camera with me. The fam is starting to think I'm obsessed. ;^)

Annie, I'm with you.


Michael Salone said...

Wow that's scary! Great shot!