Saturday, May 05, 2007

In Front of the New Restaurant

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Seattle is a city full of wonderful restaurants, and they face their challenges as restaurants in all cities do. Five restaurants and cafes within a few blocks of each other in this neighborhood seemed to all go out of business at about the same time and their locations stay vacant for awhile. I suspect rent increases along the popular shopping street may have been the main reason for this coincidence. Three of the sites have since been occupied by new businesses after remodeling. This site on Boston Street was an Indian restaurant and has now reopened with a significant interior face lift as "Opal." It's been full of patrons every time I've walked past. . .a sign of good food within. As I stood across the street I noticed the woman waiting outside the restaurant and a patron inside the restaurant who was laughing. As I was taking a shot, two other figures walked into the scene, a Metro Transit bus driver carrying his coffee break items from a nearby Starbucks, and the leather jacketed gentleman near the door. A slice of Seattle neighborhood street life for you.

Have a great Saturday, everyone! Here in Seattle today is the opening of boating season with a big boat parade on Lake Washington, and the long awaited opening of the Seattle Art Museum's completely rebuilt and expanded downtown digs. Sadly, I can attend neither, but that won't stop me from enjoying both a little later.

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