Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Roller Blading Very Popular

Roller Blading

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The very popular 3.2 mile workout and walking path around the perimeter of Greenlake is divided into two halves: one for feet and one for wheels. Roller blades seem to outnumber bicycles on the wheeled side. This woman has her routine down to the basic take along needs: water and music. Most roller bladers wear protective knee, elbow and wrist guards, as well as helmets. They go at high speed, so a crash and burn would really hurt. To see more of them and to see the path instructions that are embedded into the sidewalk in bronze lettering and symbols, see my More Seattle Stuff page.


JaamZIN said...

wow its a great photo:) the picture refers to a lifestyle which is very well shown here!

• Eliane • said...

Does roller blading gives such great abs? Maybe I should start! But not without a stop by the free breaking lessons in Central Park. ;)

Adam Phillabaum said...

To nitpick:
* The "inner loop" is 2.8 miles
* The "outer loop" is 3.2 miles

The woman who is rollerblading is on the inner loop :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the awesome shot! i had no idea i look so focused when i skate...maybe i'll smile next time!!!
p.s. i know it's only 2.8 miles innerloop...i do 7-10 laps each session!!!u do the math!!!;)

Kim said...

Shayla, I'm so glad you found this shot of yourself! Let me know if you would like access to an electronic copy of it. And kudos on your workout routine! How long does it take to complete 7 or so laps? I cycle and I'm thinking of blading for a better workout. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim! sure-I'd love a copy of this shot! 7 laps is 22.4 mi. and it takes me about 2 hrs(thats incl. stopping for traffic on the trail) it's an amazing workout! I'm addicted!!! my email is