Sunday, September 02, 2007 Headquarters

Photo & Text Copyright 2007 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.'s world headquarters sits high atop Beacon Hill facing the Seattle skyline from the south. The 1932 former Marine Hospital building, later called he PacMed building, dominates the landscape. It's an impressive landmark on the national register of historic places and was extensively renovated to house the office complex of one of the world's largest internet merchandisers. Sorry the image is not sharp. I happened by at night without my tripod, so shot handheld. Day or night, the building is imposing. You can even get a 3-D model of the historic building here.

UPDATE 2011: Since this post in 2007, has moved its headquarters to a set of buildings in the South Lake Union / Cascade neighborhood. The building here still houses a medical enterprise, but I don't know who will occupy Amazon's old offices.


Rodney Dolorin said...

Nice night shot!

Steve Buser said...

You're right. The building is certianly imposing.

Fénix - Bostonscapes said...

Another great sight I missed. We should visit Seattle again soon.

Re: resizing photos, you need to change the width of each photo (when you are composing your post, switch to html view) from 400 to 720.

Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Ame said...



Long time no SEEEEEEEEEEE!

Been kind outta commission latley...going thru divorce unfortunately and that eats up a LOT of my brain! Doing AOK now tho! ;)

Just wanted to take a peek at some of the Sept 1 shots and yours was first up in the pack!

Anyway, your shots are more beautiful than EVERY! What a great glimpse of Seattle thru your lens & eyeballs!

Stop by sometime and say HI!


Ame said...

OOPS, too much caffiene! LOL! Well, they just about ARE more beautiful than EVERY (ever!) shot I've seen!


Forks and Forest said...

How funny - I remember this building. Didn't know it was Amazon now. Thanks for the neat shot - great job, especially handheld at night, and for the info.

JaamZIN said...

even if its not sharp...its very impressice photo!:) looks like a fort in a way

Anonymous said...

I worked in this building in the late 1960's in the medical laboratory. Had a terrific view of the sunrise over the water. It appears that extensive rennovation was done to bring it to it's current state.

Fond memories.

Anonymous said...

This looks like the MI6 building for the British Secret Service. Anyone else see it too?