Sunday, November 25, 2007

Red 2CV

Red 2CV

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A Citroen 2CV in absolutely mint condition pulled out of a parking space in front of me and I just had to capture the perfect red charmer. I'm sure the people within must be used to this kind of reaction as they waved that little perfect Queen Mum sort of wave and the woman gave me a quick knowing wink. I love just seeing her look at me in this shot. Eric posted a wonderful shot of an old classic car at Paris Daily Photo today (albeit covered in graffiti and definitely not mint, but running) so I thought we'd start a classic French car theme for Sunday. To see the whole car, please visit my More Seattle Stuff page. Anyone else care to join in with a car photo today, please do! Have a restful Sunday everyone!


Z said...

I didn't post it this Sunday, but to see another red 2CV in a much less glamorous and more down-to-earth situation, please check out this old post of mine.

smilnsigh said...

Grrrrreat photo! I love the look in her eye.