Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Warm & Dry Under Robertino's Sky


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It was cold enough to snow just north of the city last night, and the cold rain in Seattle made getting out and around less than appealing. To the rescue, the cheery hand painted blue skies and warm espresso specialties of Robertino's, a tiny beverage shop on NW 80th (next to Zaggi's Pizza which we find is worth the drive across town to sample their amazingly yummy specialties). The owner has displayed photos of the sunny village in Italy where he was born, a nice contrast to the first cold winter storm outside. He makes foam deco on steamed beverages an art form. Of course if you'd rather have something cold to drink, their iced drinks are ever present on the menu.


smilnsigh said...

Perfect photo for a cold day!


Kim said...

Thanks Mari-Nanci!