Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not Quite the Rooftops of Paris

Looking Toward Downtown from Capitol Hill

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Looking from Capitol Hill southwest toward downtown Seattle, the golden onion domes of St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral add a dash of spice to the flat rooftop scene in view. Rain today that wants to be snow, but isn't succeeding.


Mike G said...

Nice title, lol. On the plus side, at least there isn't the over abundance of dog poo you find all over the streets of gay Paree.

Kim said...

Contrary Canary, LOL! Hey, have you seen the incredible poop vacuum's the street maintenance workers started using there in the past couple years? Apparently, the city is trying hard to clean up their, uh, reputation. . . ;^)

David Bowman said...

I love the idea of a Photo each day.
you have some great stuff on this blog.

Keep up the good work.

(would it be ok if i added a link to your blog from mine?)

Kim said...

Why, thank you David! And, link away. I'd be honored. (Ever consider joining us as a city daily photo blogger for your city? If so, click on the logo in my sidebar for info.)

smilnsigh said...

Very interesting photo!