Friday, January 04, 2008

12th Man

12th Man

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Those ice ax door handles I posted a photo of yesterday inadvertently tie in to today's photo. The 25' x 35' 12th man flag has been raised atop the Space Needle once again, representing the incredible fan support for the Seattle Seahawks who go into the championship playoffs with a home game at Quest Field tomorrow against the Washington Redskins. I just learned today that the brave soul hoisting that flag into place on Wednesday was none other than REI's founding president, Jim Whittaker, the first American climber to summit Mt. Everest. I'm sure he didn't use any axes to get the flag up the needle, but I'm thinking some lines, a good harness and a carabiner or two were employed. The city is awash in green beanies and lots of Hawk pride.


Anonymous said...

Go 'Hawks! ~ Section 125, seat G11

Geologychick said...

That is sooooo weird! I almost wrote in my comment yesterday something about Jim Whittaker! LOL! I met him when I was in PT visiting friends. What an incredible person he is. His wife is also an incredible woman!!! Oh yeah, Go 'Hawks!

Anonymous said...

Let's see how they do this year... haha. Nice perspective on something I see everyday.Thanks!

smilnsigh said...

I'd not want to be up there, but it makes a great photo.