Friday, February 01, 2008

Theme Day: When People Think of My City (Seattle) They Think of . . .. . .

Forming Their Own Canals

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. . .well, the Space Needle, usually, but that's already in view on this page. Ah then, here is something else folks think of: Houseboats , like Tom Hank's portrayed living onboard in Sleepless in Seattle. Lake Union is a body of water in the center of Seattle that hundreds of people call home. They live on the water in houseboats (really floating houses) or really snugly in liveaboard sailboats and such. Houseboat communities form around long docks/walkways jutting out into the water from the shore. There are still a few funky artisan and gypsy-like houseboats out there, but most now are quite elaborate and I've seen some with near million dollar price tags. Outside most houseboats/floating homes you will see a small boat such as a kayak, canoe, dinghy, or motor boat. Visitors to Seattle might enjoy this tour given by an insider (I've not taken it and don't know the person, but it looks to be fun and informative). The community pictured here is in Eastlake, and that's the I-5 Bridge in view beyond. Now, 135 other City Daily Photo Bloggers around the globe would like to show you what their cities are known for. Start your trip around the world by clicking the links below:

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kris thompson said...

Love your site! My best friend and I will be moving to Seattle in a little over a year and I just wanted to let you know that your site is fantastic for letting people know about all of the neat and interesting places in the Emerald City. Thanks again!

R&R said...

Amazing how the houseboats have developed ... there are very few multi-story ones here.

Janet said...

Interesting! Wasn't a neighborhood like this featured in the movie, "Sleepless in Seattle?" Seems I saw it somewhere at the movies.

Chuck Pefley said...

Thanks, Kim. Houseboats sure didn't cross my radar. Nicely done. Now, which one was used in Sleepless in Seattle?? -:)

Jilly said...

How beautiful! I could happily live in one of those. Nice shot.

Annie said...

Very sleepless in Seattle and a lovely photo. I am hankering for some clam chowder just looking at it!

Southern Heart said...

I didn't know about the houseboats...that is so interesting. Your city is a lovely one!

 gmirage said...

'Sleepless in Seattle' but no! If you live in houseboats, I guess you'd sleep soundly as the water rocks the boat slowly. =)

I love the images made by the ripple of the water...much like a Monet painting! Good day!

Susan said...

Great photo - do think of water when thinking of Seattle! Happy Theme Day!

kuanyin333 said...

Oh, I could move right into one of these charming houseboats!Great photo selection for theme day.

Joy said...

I love your photo - the colours, the crispness, the subject and the feelings it evokes in me. I miss Seattle.

Happy Theme Day!

A Pinay In England
The Goddess In You
Norwich Daily Photo

The D in D & T said...

Oh wow, it IS sleepless in seattle, it always freaks me out when i see something from a movie and it looks just right! the colors are lovely too, really great photo.

ps my second choice would have been souvlaki (kebabs) and third was one of the tavernas or ouzeri's at Monastiraki...

Neva said...

Didn't think of houseboats ....nice.

Ben Nakagawa said...

Good choice! Thanks for showing this instead of famous tower of yours. Well, I like tower as well.

Unknown said...

Beautiful shot, the water looks amazing. This is a view that visitors would not often see. Great job!

Port Angeles Daily Photo

alice said...

It must be so nice to live there, just by the sea!
I think you live in a very beautiful city, Kim, and your blog shows it very well .
Thank you for visiting Arradon DP.

Uma por Dia said...

I had no idea of it!

Nabeel said...

I have actually taken a ride in such boats .. the floating houses they call 'em .. great picture :)

Kunal Bhatia said...

Wow, these indeed look very beautiful, and the whole setting is quite picturesque. quite a contrast to mumbai, if i may add!
- Mindless Mumbai
btw, i use a nikon point and shoot digi cam, nothing fancy :)

Kate said...

Dear Kim, Forgive me! I didn't get around much on Theme Day, but I want to remedy that now with a visit. I'd love to live on one of those houseboats, preferably the older, funky kind!

Denton said...

A beautiful photo of a scene made iconic with the Meg Ryan / Tom Hanks movie "Sleepless in Seattle".

Chris said...

When I think of Seattle, I think of the houseboats, too. I'm amazed that people live on them, really, although I think I would love it myself!

Juneau Alaska Photos said...

I love your photos (SOOOO bright and colorful).
Unfortunately, for me when I think of Seattle I think of doctors. Usually the only time I have to visit is when I'm referred by my physician to see a specialist. Seattle has some amazing doctors. They've saved my life.
Between doctor visits, I've had the opportunity to visit some incredible museums and eat some delicious food.
In all the cities I have visited, Seattle is definitely the cleanest. You should be proud.

Kim said...

Thank you one and all for your very kind comments!

Kris, good luck with your count down to moving here. You are going to love it!

R&R, It is amazing home elaborate the design has gotten.

Rambling, Yes, that enclave of floating homes is at the northeastern foot of Queen Anne Hill in the Westlake neighborhood, the opposite shore from these.

Jilly, A lot of us scheme about how to do that!

American Fork, well, you could paddle right over to Ivars Salmon House and get a steaming bowl dockside if you lived here!

Southern Heart, Thank you so much!

G, What an astute observation! And it sounds so pleasant, too. Thanks very much, and I'm pleased you like it.

Zentmrs, yes, it is such an important element of our beautiful surroundings and way of life. Thanks!

Kuanyin, It would be fun! Thanks.

Joy, Thank you! And hopefully visiting SDP can suffice until you are able to get to the west coast again someday.

D, Yes, there are over 500 houseboats on this lake. The one from the movie is across the lake from this shot. As far as your second choice being souvlaki, well, we do have many restaurants owned by Greeks and certainly you can get wonderful souvlaki here, but I think you may have been thinking of a different blog for your other wishes ;^). Thanks!

Neva, Surprise! It's always a challenge to be fresh for theme day.

Ben, you are welcome!:-)

Jelvistar, Thank you so much. Actually, most visitors do get a glimpse of these somewhere around the lake, and some even take tours to get a closer peek.

Alice, Thank you. Anytime you'd like to trade places for a few weeks, let me know! We are actually 100 miles from the ocean, and are located on an inland sound, like Norway's fiords. It really is a stunningly beautiful place, which makes it so fun to photograph. Thank you!

Uma, I'm glad to show something new. Thank you!

Nabeel, Smaller houseboats are very popular for vacationing, especially in places like Lake Shasta or along the Sacramento River delta. They used to rent small ones to vacationers here, but the city put a stop to short term rentals on Lake Union houseboats. Very sad for visitors wanting to experience a little of this Seattle lifestyle.

Kunal, Yes, Mumbai's energy would be very different than Seattle's. Thanks!

Kate, hope you are loving Mexico again. Thanks for coming by!

Denton, I wonder if the longtime houseboat residents appreciate that film or wish that the characters had lived on land somewhere ;^)

Chris, It takes a special person or a special time in a person's life to live aboard a houseboat. They do keep getting larger, though.

Gwyn, It is nice to hear that compared to some other cities, Seattle is clean. Like everywhere, though, venture past the common visitor areas and you will find a good deal we could improve on. Thanks very much, and wishing you well with your health.


Anonymous said...

Houseboats have a long and colorful history in Seattle. Up to the mid 60's, it was not such a hot ticket... more like a way to avoid property taxes. The city at one time had more than 1,200 of them... iconoclasts all. A working man's neighborhood, mostly for blue collar timberworkers and shipbuilders. Rumors abound of several floating speakeasys during Prohibition, and even a floating brothel.

As we became more envromentally aware, the City Council discovered none were hooked up to the city sewer system. Upon adding that rule, there were only some 500 slots where the Sewer was available. Houseboats went from afordable to affluent, due mostly to effluent.

Today they are expensive. More so if your's is at the end of the pier. But along with the romance of it comes a more compact lifestyle, and issues. Evenly weighing out furniture, for example. Everything has to be carted in, and out, sometimes down long, and often wet piers. Gawkers at all hours, and loud neighbors, like ducks, gulls, and even otters, not to mention rowdy summer boaters. And the constant battle with bird droppings. But life afloat cures sleepwalking.

Jeri's tour is wonderful. She is a longtime friend and really knows her history. She is part of the community...

One final note, The lovely boxes on the front page are the late bloomers (some of these newbys have basements! the lake never freezes, and it makes a great wine celler). but the really individual older ones are around the corner in Portage Bay, including the oldest one still in use. And the Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat is actually across Lake Union from the main photo above, on the West side of the lake.

Anonymous said...

Your photos gather very well the face of your city, wonderful city that I admire deeply. From Ourense, Spain, deeply surprised, congratulate him on his photos: Iam.
I visited the United States seventeen years ago, and I was charmed with it.
I hope my English is ok.

Tus fotos recogen muy bien el rostro de tu ciudad, maravillosa ciudad que admiro profundamente. Desde Ourense, España, profundamente sorprendido, le felicito por sus fotos: Iam
Yo visité los Estados Unidos hace diecisiete años, y me encantó.
Espero que mi inglés sea correcto.