Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Robin Williams on Location

Robin Williams on Location

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I was running errands yesterday in the Wallingford neighborhood and happened by one of the filming locations for World's Greatest Dad, a film starring Robin Williams. I don't know if the staff, a neighbor, or a fan put up this sign in a yard opposite the entrance for the film crew where wardrobe and dressing trailers were parked, but someone was wishing Mr. Williams a happy 57th birthday. As a side note, if you'd like to see the gorgeous vintage Corvette that belongs to one of the film crew (he was kind enough to let me get a nice shot of it) click here, put on your sun glasses and cue up the theme music from Route 66.


Anonymous said...

Who's Robin Williams?

Anonymous said...


Jill said...

What a nice surprise while running errands.

Virginia said...

I LOVE Robin Williams. I guess my sense of humor is very similar!HA I hope you will treat us to a photo of him. Lucky you running up on that one.

Katie said...

Very fun sign; neat that you saw it. I've liked Robin Williams since Mork and Mindy days! That Corvette is amazing. What fun to ride around Seattle in that beauty!

Marcel said...

Cool car on the link.

Kim said...

Oh Mr. P, you are too funny!

Jill, I had to go back by there today and there were 3 kids sitting outside the entrance. I asked from my car window if they were waiting for autographs. They said yes, and I asked if it was being allowed or if they were just being hopeful. They said, oh yes, RW runs back and forth from the building to the dressing trailer and they were promised he will come over to give them an autograph. It was very cute to see them patiently sitting there.

Virginia, since I completed my errands that took me to my friend's house on the street where the filming is going on, I highly doubt if Mr. Williams mug will appear in this space. But, ya never know if he might pop up somewhere else I am during the twenty days of shooting in town.

Katie, I was trying to think of when I first became aware of RW, and I think it was when I was working on California Street in the Richmond District, and I used to take lunch on Clement Street at the Russian Miniature Bakery and would pass the Holy City Zoo on the way. I remember he did stand up there and his M&M TV show had been on for about a year.

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the car. Really is a gorgeous machine.

Pat said...

I too am a RW fan. I have several of his films and usually like what he does...would love to see/meet him.