Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Greenlake Silhouette

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A cold afternoon didn't deter runners and walkers around Greenlake from fitting in some activity before tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast and the start of a long weekend of fun and family gatherings. Hope your pies turned out well :-). Ours are cooling as I write this, and their fragrance is wafting through the house. We hit the road for Portland in the morning and a fun day with dear friends. Wishing all of you in the USA a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! Will you be a host or guest, or have alternate plans for the day?


Chuck Pefley said...

How did you manage the self-portrait? :)

Happy Thanksgiving, Kim. Safe travels!

Sally said...

Gorgeous, Kim. I love silhouettes, and this is special.

Thanks for your lengthy post and really entertaining recollections about the Ticky Tacky Boxes.

Pat said...

Beautiful. I'll be celebrating this Sunday, a bit late, but with my work, etc. I can't do Thanksgiving on the real day---we don't have off!

Jilly said...

Another stunner. What a beautiful photograph. You caught the runner at the perfect moment. Love this scene.

Becky said...

Great eye, usual. Is that the needle in the background?

This year we played host...for the first time ever. Hubby and I invited his family + some and ended up with 14 dining in our home. It was great fun...and we had TONS of food. Delicious!!!