Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Retiring the Colors for the Day

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I happened to pass by when this man was lowering the flag of the great state of Washington from the center flagpole of a downtown hotel (behind him). He carefully folded it and put it away. This was something I used to see frequently at school in my youth, but doesn't seem to be common practice anymore, at least at the local schools which leave flags up night and day. The other two flags aloft were the US flag and the 12th Man flag (fans of the Seattle Seahawks football team refer to themselves as the 12th man on the team).


Virginia said...

There is so much to see and so many textures. I had a good time looking all around!

Small City Scenes said...

The custodian at the local school (elem) takes the US flag down every night and the morning guy puts it up. Sometimes he has young helpers putting it up. they do enjoy it. MB

Sally said...

We used to do "colour party" duties at camp when I was in Girl Guides.