Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow Outside, Cozy Inside

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If this image is confusing, it is because you are looking out at the snowfall from inside the cozy interior of Chocolati in Greenwood, but the store interior is reflected in the glass: two views melded into one image. Walking out into the snowy night after a babysitting gig last night, my daughter was too excited to call it a night, so we drove across town for some very special peppermint hot chocolate and a mocha extraordinaire. Fortified and warmed within, we ventured out into the cold white stuff once more.


Anonymous said...

We got a couple of inches over here on the other side of the Sound too. Still snowing and slippery. I think I'm just hanging out at home today.

Tania said...

OMG I saw that it was freezing in Seattle, but I didn't expect it to snow! I love when it snows there! We're getting rain over here in the desert.

Kris McCracken said...

I like this one very much. An ingenious idea!

Virginia said...

Great capture Kim. I want some coffee now too. The snow blowing sideways gives an interesting pattern on the window. Good one!

figure8studio said...

mmmm Chocolati! Greenwood was the 2nd neighborhood I lived at, Belltown the 1st, till we found our home in the South Sound. I do miss it.

Chocolati is cozy, nice folks.

Kim said...

Thanks guys! Mr. P, you are wise to stay in. My daughter just learning to drive talked me into spending a couple hours letting her crunch through the ice patches of the parking lot she practices in. It's hairy enough trying to teach her stick shift without ice to deal with :-). Keep warm!

Tania, glad you are getting some rainfall. My mom's neighbors on the river in the Mojave said it was in the 80s last week. The snow here is crunchy and icy. More coming Wednesday.

Kris, I just happened to be looking out the window and then noticed the reflection. No planning on my part. I see, I shoot, I have no idea in mind, it's just there. Seeing it, that's the part I have to slow down for. If I'm able to sit and look or go slowly through a scene, I start to see it.

I have some major catching up to do on your blog. Thanks for checking in here so often and for your always kind comments. Someday I'm going to have to get down to B'ham and see you.

michael bird said...

Enjoyed going through your blog. Am a former Bellevue resident and presently have a daughter living in Kirkland and haven't been out in your neck of the woods in a few years. Snow more common to our area here in southern Indiana but do remember being shut down by a few inches of snow years ago over in Bellevue. Sounds like you had an eventful fun time with your daughter and her driving. And the treats sound scrumptious.

Live More Now said...

Love it! That picture even tricks me into thinking I LIKE winter, even when it is biting my fingertips. Nice job.