Friday, December 12, 2008

Water Table

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The smooth surface of water flowing over a huge stone table reflects the interior and exterior of the Federal Courthouse lobby. Of course, like any fountain, you can see coins have been tossed in. I hope they got their wishes!


Katie said...

Neat photo! Looks a lot like the lobby of the building where I work, except for the fountain part.

USelaine said...

Excellent lines. We, of course, have nothing like this here. 6^)

Pat said...

People also toss coins in fountains here, usually the outdoor ones, and little Roma (gypsy) children regularly wade in to "clean" the fountain. In the summer, of course. Fountains off now!

Sally said...

Hi Kim, At first I thought you were feeding my obsession and it was an indoor pool! Lovely wintry reflection.

Jilly said...

Oh marvellous. Just stunning the reflection and all those lines. I adored yesterday's window cleaners. Great shot.

Tara's Talk said...

I really like this photo:)

It;s very interesting.


Bruce said...

I hope you were in the courthouse for the right reasons, haha!
The snow is sticking in Redmond! I hope to see some good snow pics soon.

Kim said...

Katie, what building do you work in? The water fixture reminded me of the SF Hyatt Regency, except the edge doesn't flow over quite the same.

US Elaine, . . .and aren't you GLAD nothing like this is to be found in Willits! It would completely ruin the flavor.

Bibi, how clever of the kids to extract the change!

No Sally, but I could see how it faked you out. I was thinking of you as I passed the door to the pool at my gym tonight, though. Isn't that funny! Even though it is heated, just the fact that it was only 20F outside took any inclination to include a swim right out of my head. ;^) We wish we were heading into summer like you!

Jilly, thank you! Hey I saw some amazingly cute dogs out for a walk with a professional walker. I wanted to give them all booties for the snow.

Hey Tara, thanks a bunch!

Bruce, You are too funny! My daughter's class had a mock trial there. Hope you are getting around okay on these icy roads. From out in front of our house today I could look across the bay to West Seattle and it looked like a winter wonderland, there was so much snow blanketing the place. I hope to get some day shots of Wednesday's new storm. Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog and it has motivated me to publish a blog features my photos. I have quite a few shots of Seattle, but nothing with the quality and eye you have.

Jessica said...

Your photos are great. Love the reflection you captured in this one.