Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Enormous Stained Glass Work

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Dick Weiss, a renown Pacific Northwest stained glass artist who has been on faculty at famed Pilchuck Glass School, was commissioned to create this multistory curved art window installed at the pedestrian entrance of Seattle Center's new grass-roofed green parking structure, built as the first phase of the Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation headquarters project across from Seattle Center. The colors and workmanship on this huge work are phenomenal, and very striking at night (another view here). I learned that the green grass roof on this multistory parking structure is the largest of its kind in Seattle. The Gates Foundation campus under construction on the adjoining lot is targeting LEED Gold standard when completed in 2011.


Chuck Pefley said...

Lovely work. I'll have to stop by and see this in person. Your recent posts have been inspiring, Kim, especially the story of the "Yes We Can" message. May the collective we pitch in and help move us back on course.

Coincidentally, the word verification for this comment has randomly provided more insight ... it is "promerse". How appropriate is that???

Small City Scenes said...

Wow that is super. Talk about huge--you got it.
I live up by the Pilchuck Glass school and have been there. It, in itself is pretty awesome.

Bob Crowe said...

I wasn't aware of this when we were out your way last summer. It's a must-see for our next visit. Glad to hear there are other excellent glass artists in the area besides that Dale Whatshisname.

Kim said...

Chuck, I love it! Promerse, like commerce with a hopeful purpose. :b-)

MB, I've got to get up your way and have you show me around. I feel like I know your neck of the woods from seeing it through Small City Scenes, but I'd love to really stand there and see Rainier from your perspective, see those amazing snow geese, your horses and critters, and have you point the way to Pilchuck. Your area is so rich in so much!

Yeah, Bob, Dale Chihuley is the most well known, and he founded Pilchuck Glass School with the Hauberg's (devoted Seattle art patrons and owners of the Pilchuck woods area the school is on). There are TONS of glass artists here, and the Tacoma glass museum is supposed to be amazing to see (and to photograph) but I haven't been to it yet. Soon I hope, though.

Katie said...

Beautiful stained glass installation! I'll be sure to search out this fabulous window when I visit Seattle.

Tash said...

Amazingly beautiful - both the art and the photo. Thank you much for this post, Kim.