Sunday, August 02, 2009



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A colorful abstract for you on this sunny Sunday. I liked the illusion of the floor line of the back wall continuing through reflection on the red wall and line of stall doors.

And, hey, I've got to ask you: is YOUR grout this clean? Look at how white it is even in the corners and around the stall supports. Ever seen a public restroom this clean? No, this isn't new construction or barley used space. This restroom has been actively in service for years in the high traffic Experience Music Project. The design, vivid colors and abstract qualities of the scene appealed to me while I was waiting in a long line for one of those doors to open (sigh). I went back later with my camera and it was then I met a person on the cleaning crew changing the trash bins. I asked her how the grout was kept so clean. She said it was due to the daily routine of the maintenance staff who literally hand wipe every inch of the floor, walls, counters and stalls every single day. Wow! As someone with only a couple human's and a couple feline's foot traffic on my tile kitchen floor, I was really impressed. You might not want to eat off the floor, but I assure you, you could!


brattcat said...

No illusion. This place is really clean! Kim, this is a fantastic photograph. I think about Elenka's green toilet. This is the antithesis of that diagrammed toileting experience. How polished these surfaces are and what amazing reflective and refractive colors.

Tafari said...

This is a wonderful shot! Who woulda knew a public restroom could look so nice!

Chuck Pefley said...

I like this a bunch, Kim. Amazing what we find just going about our business ... no pun intended -:)

Carol said...

Whoah! That's just weird! Yesterday I posted ( photos of the restrooms I visited in Seattle -- Pike Place, Spaghetti Factory, Golden Gardens... The idea only came to me when we got to Pike Place and I was admiring the hexagon tiles in that bathroom -- but 45 minutes previous, I'd been in the bathroom you shot above!


Don and Krise said...

Isn't there a group of bathroom shots on Flickr? I'm sure you know what I mean Kim. You know, anymore as bad as some public restrooms are it really is nice when you run across one that you don't mind using. Great colors, great photo.

Queen Anne Mama said...

My husband says they also patrol the bathroom about every 30 minutes all day long to keep it looking so shiny. No signs saying something along the lines of "we pride ourselves on our facilities - please let us know if the restroom is not to your satisfaction" or whatever. They don't wait for someone to complain about the bathrooms - they keep them in top shape all day long. :)

I love your photos - we are pretty new to Queen Anne and love seeing all your local photos. I love how each photo is a whole scene with a story.


Maya said...

This is impressive! Both the shot and the cleanliness! I have learned to always take my camera in the bathroom with me. You find some great things sometimes.