Wednesday, August 26, 2009

iPhone Wednesday #7: Edith's House is Going "UP"


Photo & Text Copyright 2009 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

I passed by Edith Macefield's little house yesterday and noticed it's been gutted and this sign is now stretched across it. I've shown you this house several times before and you may recall the story of the octogenarian who didn't wish to sell her home when a three story development went up all around her--part of the inspiration for the Pixar film "UP"). I stopped and chatted with the construction folks about what project is going on with. They told me Edith's house is literally going up. Three stories in fact, if all goes well with the planned lift for the development of "Credo Square." No, they are not placing it on the roof of the Ballard Blocks complex, but putting two stories underneath it. According to the two guys I spoke with, Edith willed her house to the construction manager who checked in on her every day, took her grocery shopping and to appointments, etc. She had no heirs and wanted the manager to sell it if she died and use the money for his kid's college tuition, and that's what he has done. Edith passed away in her home some months ago before the construction going on all around her was completed. The buyers, Greg and Shauna Pinneo of Reach Returns, are preserving the shell of Edith's house to pay homage to her and all those who admired her tenacity in turning down a million dollars to move from her home and the effect it has had on the community. According to the crew members, there will be an opportunity for people to record the personal creeds they live by on tiles and have them placed in an art installation in Edith's house.
It is my 7th in the iPhone Wednesday series where I take and edit the shot using only the iPhone and apps.


brattcat said...

This story keeps getting better and better. The treatment of the photograph strikes a perfect note of transition from past to future.

Ming the Merciless said...

I didn't know there are applications to edit the photos on iPhone. I just take lots and lots of photos of the same scene hoping one good one would come out. :-)

Don and Krise said...

It will be interesting to see it after the project is completed.

Dawning Inspiration said...

Love everything about it! She must have been one amazing woman!

Pat said...

More power to the Ediths of this world. I am so looking forward to seeing the final result. What happened to all her little knick-knacks that were in the window?

Shell Sherree said...

What an inspirational story ~ and how kind of the construction manager to keep an eye on her.

Virginia said...

That's an amazing story. God bless Edith. Keep us posted on the end result.

Kim said...

Thanks to all for stopping in to comment. I enjoy hearing from you. And Bibi, I don't know what happened to her belongings. Perhaps they will put her little animal figures back in the windows when the project is complete. I suspect they may have found their way to a recycle shop, though. Glad I photographed them now.

Unknown said...

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