Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Real Good For Free

Real Good For Free

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. . .is how this one man band was playing. On his back is his rhythm section, controlled by ropes to his dancing feet, around his neck are a harmonica and kazoo, and in his hands is a banjo which he played very well in a funky groove that I gave a "10" to because it was way easy to dance to :-). Street performers abound in summer, and this guy had an ingenious rig and was really talented. I've seen him use other instruments, and you can view this (poor sound quality) Youtube clip to see him in action.


brattcat said...

Wow, he's a wonder. The youtube clip doesn't do his skills justice. But you certainly place him in a very flattering light. Love his sneakers.

Bob Crowe said...

I haven't thought of that Joni Mitchell song for a long time but then you and I are of, uh, a certain age. He seems very dedicated to his art but what a hard way to live.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Love Joni! I saw her perform Real Good For Free a very long time ago. Anyway, my sister lives in Victoria and there are so many wonderful street musicians there. It's all very old hat to her, but intriguing to me.

Here, all we have is a guy that stands on the corner by the mall playing an electric guitar with Jesus signs and pots to drop money lining the sidewalk all around him. (He's no Eric Clapton, I can tell you that)