Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Maintenance

You In Your Small Corner, & I In Mine

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I glimpsed a maintenance worker at the Frye Art Museum on First Hill tending to a job in the reflection pool and thought it kind of interesting the way he was off in a small alcove and I couldn't see his head. His arms and legs appeared to be about the same length, and I had never realized that about the proportions of the human body. The clear water looked pretty inviting, especially without waders! The Frye, built in the 1950s, is a free museum that is open to the public and houses Charles and Emma Frye's original collection of over 200 works by Munich, Germany area artists, as well as other works and special exhibits. The museum's emphasis is on public service and interaction, and I have seen many examples of this being carried out in their outreach to local youth and their interactive emphasis. Their special exhibits are thought provoking and well mounted in the gallery spaces. Complete with gift shop and a tasty cafe, always worth a visit when you come to Seattle!


Wayne said...

Cool boots!

The Frye is one of my favourite small museums.

Ineke said...

cool shot :)

Virginia said...

I knew W, would have "wader envy"! I however am envious of your eye that saw this shot and captured it so well.

brattcat said...

I had to spend a bit of time looking at this and figuring out what I was seeing. Excellent shot, Kim. Really intriguing.