Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moon Mask

Moon Mask
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The moon last night was a waning crescent, but there was no way to see that with the cloudy skies and winds. The waters of the Sound were so rough the Clipper had to cancel its trip from Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island to Seattle and reroute all of us passengers. We went up island via motor coach to Swartz Bay where we drove onto the BC Ferry to Tsawwassen, enjoyed the huge ferry's amenities, then drove off and down to the boarder, got off, collected our luggage, went through customs, packed everything back on and continued on to Seattle, getting in at midnight instead of 7PM. I arrived home to see my car had snow on the roof. Cloudy and some showers today also, but I'm enjoying some moon gazing of sorts at this mask that captured me at the Royal BC Museum. I attempted some handheld lowlight interior shots and was glad upon reviewing them today to see most turned out sharp.

Carved masks like this were used in potlatches by first nations coastal people. Many made their way into museum collections after being confiscated along with other art works in the Canadian government's campaign to force assimilation that lasted through to the 1950s. Some tribes have sought return of their works and are gaining cooperation from museums. Great wrongs seem to always cry out through history for amends. In Australia they have a saying in their attempts at reparations, "We Say Sorry." This moon mask reminds me that there is light still shining out there in the darkness of human relations.

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Striking image and excellent insight in your text.