Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bon Star Street Scene

Bon Star Street Scene
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A patrol car makes its way along Pine Street in downtown Seattle while pedestrians walk about getting some evening shopping done.. Up Pine you can see the backside of the gigantic Christmas star that has adorned the old Bon Marche building (now Macy's) for 52 holiday seasons. Old habits die hard, and I still hear longtime Seattlites say they are going to "the Bon" to see store windows full of running trains and other festive displays when they mean Macy's.


Louis la Vache said...

hee hee
You and the "Chuckasaurus" are singing off the same sheet of music in your posts today!

Wayne said...

Chuck beat you to it Kim.

We had outstanding dept. store Christmas window displays when I was a kid. Not now.

In the olden days Woodward's even had a ride-on train in Toyland, the entire 6th floor.

Kim said...

That's fun! Chuck's view is from 4th Ave, from the front side. Mine is from Pine, from behind the star. I featured the star first on Nov 28 this year from the front view, with the carousel, so thought this street view would be different.

Julie said...

Beautiful! I haven't been downtown yet this holiday season-hopefully going tomorrow! Love all the pretty lights!

brattcat said...

More golden streets; Seattle is like a piece of lovely jewelry.