Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm Not the Only One Out There :-)

I'm Not the Only One Out There :-)
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I came upon another photographer out capturing some shots of festive downtown Seattle. He was behind the whirling merry go round at Westlake Center. I love shots of photographers at work and have a small series of captures like this one called "Shoot the Photographer."


Luis Gomez said...

Nice shot. Good catch.

Jilly said...

Love the idea of a series called Shoot the Photographer. I'm always fascinated watching other photographers too. Really like that the photographer is in silhouette yet we see what he is photographing both on his screen and through your eyes.

brattcat said...

It's not difficult to create such a series. There are so many of us these days.

Maya said...

I enjoy doing this too. Nice shot!

I missed riding the carousel this year. :-(