Wednesday, December 02, 2009

iPhone Wednesday #21: Seattle Animal Shelter

iPhone Wednesday:  Animal Shelter
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Perhaps your family is like ours and you share your abode with some furry, scaly, or feathered friends. And perhaps at this time of year there is a child in your life hinting to you that it would be purrfect if yet another critter could join the menagerie. If you decide yours is a good home for a companion pet, check out the Seattle Animal Shelter in the Interbay neighborhood. That's where I took this shot of a curious feline staring across the hallway at some rats in a cage in another room. The shelter has many lovely cats, dogs, rabbits, rats, reptiles, hamsters and other small animals that are looking for caring homes. So does PAWS, with a cat center in the Greenwood neighborhood, and their large domestic, barnyard, and wild animal aid facility north of Seattle in Lynwood. Both the Animal Shelter and PAWS use volunteers to help out at their facilities, walk dogs, and provide in home foster care for animals waiting for adoption. They also both can use donations and support through calendar sales and pet/human photos taken with Santa Claws on Dec 13 by local photographer Winifred Westergard with help from Glazer's Cameras.  It's my (very late!)  iPhone Wednesday shot, taken and edited with my iPhone and apps. Since a dog was featured in last week's iPhone shot, I'm giving equal time to a cat this week :-). Chuck and Ming are sharing iPhone Wednesday shots, as well.


Jilly said...

What a beautiful shot of a lovely cat - poignant behind the bars. I hope she finds a home. Too many dogs and cats in shelters.

brattcat said...

Thank you for this post! I hope, if people are ready for a new member of the family, they visit their local animal shelter, get to know the animals, talk with the staff, and adopt the perfect pet!!!

caelle said...

very cute cat. too bad I'm too far away to adopt it.