Sunday, December 06, 2009

View Down the Street

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Our cold, clear air is offering up bright vantages of all our skyline markers, from hills and mountaintops during the day to the decked out Space Needle and Seattle's skyline at night. I this view came up in front of me while I was driving around a curve from the northwest. I had to stop and get this shot. There was a vacancy sign in front of the recently remodeled high rise apartments to my left that made me wonder what the view was like from a few stories up. I live on a hill but can only see neighbors' houses, street scenes, a narrow bit of Elliott Bay and West Seattle, and a territorial view (over rooftops and between trees :-) ) of the Needle and Mt. Rainier. What's the view like from your place?


Pat said...

That's a beautiful shot, Kim. Hand-held, I assume? You upped the ISO? VR? Or are you very calm? :)

The view from my terrace on one side offers an urban landscape, and the other pretty much the same, like my current banner!

I love the Christmas tree on top of the Needle.

Kim said...

Glad you like the shot, Bibi.
No, I'm not a miracle worker :-). This was a long exposure on the tripod. Only had to move out of the lane 3 times while shooting ;^). Took my fingers a full 10 minutes to warm up afterward. . .ah the dedication, eh?

Mirela said...

The view from my place can't compare to this one. Incredible view!!! I see they've already put up Xmas tree on top of the Space needle :)...

Davine said...

This a fabulous shot - congratulations on getting it even though you froze your hands. I live in a fairly greeny area so I look at lots of trees. Pretty good seeing it is still suburbia.

Barbara Tibbetts Chace said...

Great shot!! I live in Kirkland and have no view!! Hehehe.

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