Saturday, July 31, 2010


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Since 1949 Seattle's Seafair Pirates have had a lot of fun dressing in elaborate period costume and delighting crowds while swashbuckling their way through all the city's summer festivities, but this little pirate doesn't look a thing like Johnny Depp yet captured my heart with with his great smile and home-made hat. Are we having fun yet? You bet! Tonight (Jul 31) is the 61st Seafair Torchlight Parade through downtown. 300,000 people are expected to line the route to catch glimpses of local grand marshal Apolo Anton Ohno, a star athlete from last winter's Vancouver, BC Olympics, and the newly crowned Miss Seafair and the Seafair princesses, the famous Seafair Clowns, the elaborate floats, the Seafair Commodores, all sorts of civic organizations and personalities, marching bands, and, yes, the grown-up Seafair Pirates and their booming canon menacing the streets and delighting the children.

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brattcat said...

Sounds like it was a great 'do' but nothing can top the expression you've captured on this child's face. Wonderful.