Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Rim Fixie

Green Rim Fixie
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Riding on the sidewalk is legal in Seattle (Traffic Code Section 11.44.120), and perhaps highly advisable on the side of the street one encounters streetcar tracks, like here. After these tracks first went in, several cyclists were badly injured when their bike tires slipped down into the track groove and caught there, sending the riders flying to the pavement. Here is one way the city devised to caution riders how to cross tracks at a safe angle. The Cascade Bicycle Club has wonderful classes to coach urban riders on how to manage a safer commute and ride defensively. I loved seeing this rider's green back rim and fixed gear bike.


Jim Klenke said...

Nice idea to educate riders of hazards. The SRV concert will be locals some young kids. We were offered press passes to get up close. Not sure if the calendar will be open yet though.

Who is Joe?

brattcat said...

Yes, it's a fine urban slice-of-life shot...a viewpoint you are particularly gifted at capturing.

Petrea Burchard said...

Great serendipitous photo.

Pat said...

Good idea about bike safety. I like this fellow's 'Christmas-colors' bike.

Kim said...

@ Jim, that's cool. I'm always surprised when PR folks issue us photobloggers passes like that. I feel like I'm an impostor, but I guess that's how these blogs are seen. . . press. Of course, you cover so many events in Terrel, but events aren't a main focus, more neighborhoods for me.

@ Brattcat & Petrea, thanks! I do love capturing a visually interesting scene and the colors and graphic drew me in--then she sliced through it quick as lightning as if on cue. I was surprised to catch her.

@ Bibi, I keep telling myself to take that course. Maybe next spring :-). BTW, if you look under the helmet, that's a very attractive gal! :-).

Kim said...

@ Jim: I think Joe must be a TV station or a TV show or network. The poster features animated TV show characters and the logo of a station. I don't have a TV and am not all that familiar with programming here.

Janet said...

Good photo per usual. I'm glad for the heads up about trolley tracks - and also glad that it's legal to ride on the sidewalk because that's what I've been doing. Cautiously at first but then I saw that lots of other cyclists were doing that so I assumed it was o.k.

Rob Moses @ The Real Vancouver Super Blog with Radio Show! said...

That's cool it's legal to ride on the side walk in Seattle. It's illegal in Vancouver and I think it's retarded. Not everyone is comfortable to ride on the street so there are people who don't ride a bike because of it.