Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Bridges #16: Husky Marching Band Takes the Bridge

Husky Marching Band Takes the Bridge
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The crowds on Lake Union Park's opening day loved the Husky Marching Band's performances as they marched all over the new campus dressed in bright purple and playing Louie Louie and other faves (more shots of the band itself in my Flickr) stream. There were mascots, too, including a dancing strip of bacon (visible to the right). I've featured shots of this pedestrian bridge before. It links the west shore of Lake Union Park to the docks and main features of the park. Recently added to the bridge arch are plaques etched with photos and dated time line events chronicling the history of the area. And now for your listening pleasure. . .


Pat said...

Had to laugh out loud....a dancing strip of bacon? :) What fun! Wasn't there a movement to make Louie Louie the Washington state song...? As much as I love the Kingsmen's version, I really don't see it as a state song! Or California's maybe, ha. :) No insults intended!!

Dawning Inspiration said...

Wow - brings back memories - loved that Louie Louie song at football games!!