Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pork Pie Hat

Pork Pie Hat
Photo & Text © 2010 Kim- Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved; no use, alteration, reproduction or republishing in any media.
A colorful street scene of people conversing on the sidewalk of Pike Place, complete with a silhouette of a gent wearing a 50's style pork pie hat a la Lester Young and Frank Llloyd Wright. Lately I'm seeing some guys around town even wearing 1860s style bowler or derby hats. And of course the Mraz 60's style Sinatra-meets-Ed-Norton kind of hats are still going strong.


Tacoma Lawyer said...

Looks like a nice hang out spot. Seattle has always been a hip place, lets see if those retro hats catch on elsewhere.

Lynette said...

What a great photo! I enjoyed reading what you wrote, too. Thanks for posting this one.

Kat said...

I find this photo very touching for some reason, it reminds me of something beautiful that's been with me all my life, but I don't know what exactly it is... okay, sorry, it's kinda messy. :D
The street is very cute. When I'm looking at the photo it makes me want to be there. Really.

Jack said...

It does look like a nice hang-out spot. The hat is youth's constant striving for a new identity. Kind of cool.