Sunday, September 05, 2010

Seattle's Got Talent!

Seattle's Got Talent!
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This is Seattle busker Emery Carl performing outside of Local Color at Pike Place Market. Emery is not only a good musician who plays guitar, harmonica, and sings well, he also dances energetically throughout his entire performance, keeping a hula hoop spinning around his waist and at times playing his guitar behind his head or balancing it aloft from his chin. I did not see him play it with his teeth, although I would not be surprised if that were in his repertoire a la Seattle legend Jimi Hendrix.  I made a little iMovie stop action animation (my first attempt. . .very amateur) of a series of shots I took of Emery. It is up on YouTube with different music for copyright reasons, but has its original score below. (sorry, I can't upload it with the original music which the animation is timed to (On Broadway by George Bensen, so you'll hear it, unfortunately in technofunk, the only selection YouTube offered that was anywhere near the timing of the original). I hope you enjoy this. And if you see Emery performing around Seattle with his pop, roots and blues one man band meets circus arts show, stop and listen for awhile. He's a great entertainer and will make you smile. :-).


Janet Dillon Robinson said...

Great video! And I love the choice of music for the background :)

Chuck Pefley said...

Great minds must run along the same paths. I came close to posting a photo of Emery for Tuesday's post. LOL!!

Curious about the video ... the images appear to be stills that are strung together ... is that the technique? Cool!

Maya said...

Fun Kim! Good for you for trying something new!

brattcat said...

Kim, I'm dizzy, but most impressed.