Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Sports Victory Weekend!

A Sports Victory Weekend!
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The Seattle Storm's flag was flying high on the Space Needle today as the team defeated the Atlanta Dream 79-77 this afternoon, in the first game of the WNBA finals. Game 2 is Tuesday. The Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-6 in their opening game of the season, and the fans enjoyed the treat of the Seattle Flash Mob funsters taking the field at half time and dancing their hearts out. And this was Seattle's weekend for a triple triumph. The University of Washington Huskies defeated Syracuse 41-20. Seattle fans are doing the happy dance. I drove behind one car full of Storm fans wearing green tinsel wigs and face paint cruising over the Ballard bridge after the game, "Go Storm" painted across the back windshield. Gotta love Seattlites and their devotion to their teams. Not being an avid sports fan myself, I was photowalking in the Cascade neighborhood this afternoon. When I saw the trophy store with the Storm's flag on the Space Needle beyond I thought it would make a great shot to commemorate the weekend's victories.

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Janet said...

Good photos Kim. I am gradually learning who the local teams are. All the signs I've been seeing like Go Storm now mean something to me. Women's basketball was nothing in my day - interesting how popular it is now.