Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tree Lace

Tree Lace
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Sunset through the trees on the beach at Golden Gardens.


Ben Nakagawa said...

Wow. Great shot, Kim!

Kim said...

Thanks Ben!

brattcat said...

Kim, this shot whispers gently to the viewer. Amazing.

Luis Gomez said...

Love it!

Virginia said...

I wish I could think of poetic comments like Brattcat! Well I'll just say this is drop dead gawgeous Kim. Like all of your photos!

Peter said...

BY JOVE, you are really living in Paradise, you know. Excellent picture. I envy you. Greetings from Tilburg

Taylor Trofimczuk said...

That's awesome! Were you using a tilt-shift lens? or is that just a weird DOF?

Kim said...

Brattcat: You are so kind!

Louis: Thank you!

V: Yes, Brattcat is an amazing, deeply talented poetic soul. . .do you think we could get her and you out here, hmmmm, do you...? Thank you Ms. V. I can only imagine your voice and hope to hear it in person in all its Alabama glory :-).

Peter: It IS a paradise here in the Pacific Northwest, so beautiful. Thank you and cheers!

Taylor: Thanks for noticing. I was going for a Lensbaby creative focus effect. Are you familiar with them? I have an old style one and don't pull it out very often. I would love to buy the new system which is very user friendly. Wish I COULD afford a tilt shift lens :-), but couldn't justify the expense.

Chow Down Seattle said...

Amazing shot! So beautiful. Thanks!