Thursday, September 02, 2010

Turtle Island Quartet Plays Jimi

Turtle Island Quartet Plays Jimi
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I heard a super concert at The Triple Door last night, given by amazing musicians Mads Tolling, David Balakrishnan, Mark Summer, and Jeremy Kittel, collectively known as the Turtle Island Quartet. In a musical path that stretches 25 years and seen a few personnel changes, they've won Grammy awards, they've played with everybody and his brother, they've bent genres and melded jazz, baroque, bluegrass, funk, African, Indian, rock, pop, swing, and everything you can think of, all in the context of a string quartet. You'd have to have a very big chamber to contain their musical adventurism. They were in Seattle to premier their "Have You Ever Been. . .?" CD (give a listen) which features amazing arrangements of the works of Jimi Hendrix as well as original compositions. They wanted to play this music in Jimi's hometown, and I think if he could hear it, he would love the innovation and skill of these performing artists he has influenced and inspired. Check out this video!


Kate said...

Violins and Hendrix are a bit startling at first. David B's enthusiasm on the video is very compelling. Great shots of the musicians.

Peter said...

Greetings from Tilburg, Peter

Kate said...

I'm back again. You are so cool, Kim! The day after I read your post, the Wall Street Journal had a long article about this group. Then yesterday I noted in our local paper that the musicians will soon be performing at a highly regarded jazz club. Nice when all this falls into place!

Kim said...

Glad the planets all lined up, Kate. :-) Hope you will go see them when they hit town. They are great performers and really nice guys.