Friday, November 12, 2010

Seattle Central Library

Seattle Central Library
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This is an earlier set of photos I took in daylight of the same desk area of the Seattle Central Library that you see in Wednesday's photo. I was curious to see a vintage telephone on the librarian's desk in the midst of all that sleek contemporary architecture (it's not there anymore, BTW).


Chuck Pefley said...

Kim, interesting that we both chose library photos today. Must be the change of season we've experienced of late.

Hope all's well with you.

Randy said...

Nice photos. Looks like a big library. That's the one thing I miss about living in the big city. Our little library here just doesn't cut it.

Ms. Adventuress said...

That's cute, to see what's called vintage, nowadays! Excellent site!

Gui e Mi said...

Hello! Your library is so beaultiful! I would like one in my city! Congrats!
Michelle (Brazil).

Anonymous said...

Phone is still there. We just take it off the desk when the desk is closed.