Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Up Kite Hill @ Magnason Park

Up Kite Hill @ Magnason Park
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Embracing life, flying a kite together.


Bob Crowe said...

Love it. Sometimes bad focus is the best focus of all.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

I learned from Rudy that kite flying is part of the Day of the Dead celebration in Guatemala. Nice coincidence with your post.

Pat said...

Magnuson Park makes me first think of their dog park, but second come kites! I'm better at walking my dog than flying a kite. Your photo makes me want to!

Jane Hards Photography said...

It's actually really effective. The whole image is so surreal. Really like this, has a very serene feel to it.

Jilly said...

Love this. Adore this! It has a dreamy feel - poetry is flying around along with the kite and the colours, soft and beautiful.

Kim said...

Thank you very much Bob, Carol, Bibi, Brattcat, Babooshka & Jilly. It was such a "plain Jane" shot looking up the hill into the overcast, but the lovers and the kite. . .I just had to snap it, then threw it into pink to counteract the gray feeling the light gave me. (I'm fighting going into the darkness. . .can you tell?).

Carol, thank you for the info from Rudy in La Antigua about their Dia de los Muertes kite tradition. I didn't know that, and I love the thought of that imagery. So often we are thinking of those not with us, and flying a kite into the sky. . .connecting earth to somewhere out there by a string. . .well, it is a wonderful metaphor. Thanks!