Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rachel's Dream

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Rachel, the life-size piggy bank at Pike Place Market, enjoys entertaining visitors with her prize-winning porcine features and helping them pose for portraits with her. As handsome and fun as her striking figure may be, Rachel is one very serious pig. Serious about collecting much needed money. Rachel donates every penny stuffed into her magnificent self to help the disadvantaged adults and children who receive vital social services through The Market Foundation. She's dreaming of a full Christmas so that she can share it all with the dear people living even more on the margins than usual in this very challenging economy. Not able to visit Rachel in person to drop coins in her slot? She's able to receive them on line :-) and has some fun goodies for benefit sale. You can check out the extent of the programs funded by the Market Foundation here (scroll down to "Housing & Social Services"). It's why this little piggy went to Market.


Anonymous said...

Her name is Rachel.

Eric Sven Stenberg said... I'm an instant follower now! My wife and I did a West Coast road trip for our honeymoon last year and Seattle completely blew us away! Actually, today marks the one-year anniversary of when we first arrived.

I just uploaded a number of photos from last year to my blog (you can probably find it through my name here), so feel free to stop by and tell me what you think!

A very envious subscriber,

Grace said...

ahahhhh. (: what a deliciously clever and fun way to collect for charity. and cute too!

Bob Crowe said...

I've walked by this porcine hunk of bronze a number of times but never saw in like this. The low POV and street lighting are terrific. Very strong photograph.

Pat said...

Superb photo and your text compliments it so well! Well-said---I'm going to check out the link now.

Nathalie said...

A very nice way to present an important cause. I just love the way you tell the story.

Diane J Standiford said...

Before I had to move to an assisted living home (in Queen Anne) I lived at The Newmark. So nuce to see this scene again. Thanks.