Thursday, February 03, 2011

Fortune Cookie Heart

Fortune Cookie Heart
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Someone with a hot glue gun and a lot of patience made a huge heart out of fortune cookies and suspended it in a downtown shop window in front of a board full of beautiful lucky money bags. It is Lunar New Year, Heart Health Awareness Month, and Valentine's Day is coming. I wonder what your fortune will read? :-)  Happy New Year!


Pat said...

This is such fun! I'd love to do this, but no fortune cookies here.

You got me going, so I Googled 'virtual fortune cookies' and you can read your fortune right here!

brattcat said...

Love the textures of this. I followed Bibi's link and got quite an interesting fortune.

Wendy Lu said...

That's really creative, and so cute! :) Bye bye tigers, heeelloooo bunnies!


Bob Crowe said...

Or it could be a stack of weird Chinese bivalves, just brought up from Pile Place Market.

Kim said...

Bibi, thank you so much! That is really fun, as Brattcat noted.
Yes, TRA, it is heloo Bunny time!
Bob, you are too funny. You need to get back out here and enjoy some geoduck and all the other things you love about Seattle. Try and get Virginia & Bibi to come when you guys do. . . I may get to see Brattcat this month. Bloggers' gathering would be nice with one or many, anytime.