Saturday, March 19, 2011

Former World Headquarters

Former World Headquarters
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From next month through June another wave of employees is reportedly slated to move from its various current leased offices like Union Station in the International District, Columbia Tower, and from its former World Headquarters in the Pac-Med Building (pictured here). I have seen reports that will still retain some leased space at Pac-Med, but don't know how accurate that information might be. is scheduled to complete the final phase of its new 11 building campus in the South Lake Union/Cascade neighborhood by 2013.

I bet any Amazonians who might be moving from this Beacon Hill location will miss the view out over the Dr. Jose Rizal bridge and snaking freeways toward the downtown skyline.


Sailor said...

You have some beautiful pictures here!

Madge said...

You must have been standing on the Yesler Way overpass, this is an unusual vantage point. Nicely done.