Friday, May 27, 2011

Down in the Alley

Down in the Alley
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Most of the shots from Post Alley I've shared with you in the past five years have been from ground level, so I thought you might like a peek up the alley from a loftier viewpoint. A couple walks their dog down the alley and under the familiar green and red neon Post Alley sign. The alley actually runs continuously for far more blocks than visitors to Seattle may realize, starting from Virginia Street and heading south through Pike Place Market and down to Seneca Street, after which its path broadens and it becomes Post Avenue through to Yesler Way in the Pioneer Square area. After it crosses Yesler it appears to become an alley again, although unnamed on maps, ending at Jackson Street.


Wayne said...

Aha! there you are Kim. :-)

Kim said...

Busy, busy girl. . .sigh :-). Hope to catch up with you and the rest of the blogosphere very soon, Wayne. Thanks for coming by.

Unknown said...

Love it!