Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Home After a Long Day

Home After a Long Day
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A car heads home at sunset on a gorgeous Seattle evening.


Unknown said...

Best way to come back home. Perfect sunset and a good shot.
Greetings from Spain.

brattcat said...

Yes, you really capture the sense of a weary unwinding at the end of the day.

Montreal Photo Daily said...

Too long ! Being away from home for so long, hope it was worth it.

Have a nice day !

lytha said...

we saw a house for sale on admiral way that said "cable free view" and it took us a while to figure out what that meant.

later my husband said, "take a picture of those power lines" "what power lines?" "the ones completely blocking the view of the olympics!" so i did. (i will do a blog post on this at some point, but mostly "cable free" pics!)

he doesn't understand why they don't put powerlines underground in america. i didn't even notice them. but i guess now that i've been gone, i'm starting to.

in germany during wind or snow storms, the power doesn't go out, that's another nice thing about underground cables. (but adding one means tearing up the street.)

Kim said...

AGMPRISMA, Brattcat, Montreal, and Lytha, thank you all for your kind comments! Regarding utility poles and lines, I think some newer communities in the US do put all utility lines underground. Here on the west coast of the US, not so much. Perhaps because tall trees were plentiful and cheap, communities just kept up the original systems laid out in the early days of the last century. The US is also huge in land mass compared to Germany and energy companies are local rather than federal, so I doubt there are incentives for an concerted effort to mandate underground cables for all. In a lot of places new housing installs utilities underground. Earthquake is concern here, too, so that and ignorance of cables when digging can be problems. I'm like you and tend not to notice lines and poles. I know some photographers that will spend hours "photoshopping" out lines in their photos. I kinda like the urban reality of it all :-).

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