Monday, August 22, 2011

Recycled Playhouse

Recycled Playhouse
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If you peeked through yesterday's gate you would see this cute children's playhouse the talented homeowner has built in the back garden using salvaged materials. It will make a great cottage, studio or office when the kids are grown, but for now it looks like swashbuckling adventures are being fully enjoyed by some lucky kiddos. There's even a tin can telephone below the ladder. . .haven't seen one of those in a while :-). Seattle loosened up it's zoning regulations a few years ago to allow more density of structures and second houses on one lot (footprint of second dwelling can be no more than 800 sq ft, and height no more than 16 ft, and owner must occupy one of the dwellings). Quite a "cottage industry" going on in Seattle :-).


Pat said...

Kim, this made me think of a house I've always wanted...not a playhouse, but a real house. See this blog to learn more. That aside, I sure would have (had) fun in this one. I'll be in Seattle for one month starting Sept. 8--more mother-business, but a bit more free time.

Stefan Jansson said...

I had a "lekstuga" that my dad built when I was a kid. This looks a bit bigger. I remember digging a tunnel when we were playing there.

Maya said...


brattcat said...

'cottage' industry. hahaha. this great playhouse and the tin can phone calls to the child in so many of us.

Cassy said...
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Kim said...

Thanks guys!

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