Friday, September 02, 2011

Time Has a Way

Time Has a Way
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Seattle's moist climate plus a shady spot tend to be a perfect combination to foster growth of moss and fungi, like on this headstone beneath a sheltering tree in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. I've heard it said that the dash between our birth and death dates represents the period of our lives. When those who knew us are gone too, is the memory of who we were lost? Does time slowly fade all trace of us? Moss and lichen here have chosen to embellish someone's memory with color and texture. Perhaps best to pick a sunny plot to avoid nature's artistry :-).


brattcat said...

this is beautiful, kim. even if humans have forgotten the one who rests here, the fingers of nature gently embellish their memory.

Katie said...

I agree -- very beautiful photo. I almost want to touch the photo to feel the different textures. But I think I'd purposefully choose a shady last resting spot to give nature a better chance to do this!

justenoelle said...

I really like this shot. Love the way nature highlighted. Thanks for sharing it.

Kristin said...

Just beautiful.