Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Yellow Bardahl in Ballard

Big Yellow Bardahl in Ballard
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72 years ago Norwegian immigrant Ole Bardahl established his very well known name in automotive additives right here in Seattle in the Ballard neighborhood. The giant neon car sign atop the plant flashes a succession of messages out through the night, "Add Bardahl, Add It To Your Gas, Add It To Your Oil." The sign is a classic, and the building recently got a nice bright coat of yellow paint. So now it's even harder to miss this landmark, day or night.

Thanks for hanging in there with intermittent posting. I've been working two jobs this past year and am now taking a class on top of that, so the photography ops have suffered as well as time to post. Hopefully, I'm back to daily posting now. Heading to Paris in 10 days, so that should be rejuvenating :-).


Stefan Jansson said...

Paris sounds like fun.

Virginia said...

Kim, this might be one of my most favorite photos. I love it for so many reasons. You knock me out!

Bob Crowe said...

I am so bad about leaving comments but this picture is so good I had to stop. Wonderful graphic sense and use of color.

Anonymous said...

Kim... Love that juxtaposition of color... wondered where you were and hoping all was well... were you by any chance out shooting along 1st Avenue Saturday about noon??

Kim said...

Thnx Steff, V, Bob, & Madge!
yes, Paris will be wonderful!
I appreciate your stopping by to comment. I'm going back at twilight someday soon to try this shot again. I think it will look super against that bluelight sky. And, no Madge, that wasn't me on 1st Ave Saturday, although I was shooting downtown Sunday late at night. We've gotta get together when I get back. My friend Bibi is in town and you would love to go shooting with her, too (Belgrade Daily Photo).

brattcat said...

Have a fabulous time in Paris, Kim!

Anonymous said...

Ufff, you back :):)