Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cascade & Capitol Hill

Cascade & Capitol Hill
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Looking with a long lens over the Cascade neighborhood and up Capitol Hill and beyond to the Cascade Mountains.Okay, so can you see your apartment from here? :-) That's Providence Hospital at top left (now Swedish Hospital Cherry Hill campus), and you can see the spire of First Baptist Church on the right where Capitol Hill meets First Hill. Poor Immanuel Lutheran Church is nearly buried amidst the condos on the lower left.

PS:  Can any fellow bloggers advise me on the CSS code I might use to lower my blog title to the bottom portion of the header photo? I've tried a couple things with no movement south yet. Thanks!


Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Missing Seattle already and always been. Thanks for filling my thirst and hunger of more views of Seattle although I only spent a short stint there last year. Lovely place to be, especially at Union Lake where one could see kayakers, boats, constant Boeing flying over her, picnics, bridge, Seattle Space needle on the other side, etc. etc.

Kim said...

Glad you are enjoying the views, AS! Hope you can visit and get your "fix" of the real thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I forget how densely populated some of our neighborhoods are...