Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Conversation

The Conversation
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I am a student again this term. That means coffee houses with free wi fi are figuring into my life more prominently than usual. Also fall plays into that. . .it's cooler, darker, earlier, later. A warm cuppa and a lot of people studing and writing is a comforting atmosphere, a place to connect over ideas--like these two guys. I took this at a fave cafe of mine in the Greenwood neighborhood. I sat in a comfy chair for a couple hours studying, and each time the occupants of the table across the way changed, I took a quick iPhone shot. You can see the the rest of the changing cast of characters at my More Seattle Stuff site.


Carraol said...

Great image, at first glance I thought was a stage picture of some play, love the mood and composition!

Kate said...

Looks like a warm and pleasant space. I could be a perennial student and really miss the challenge of college courses in the fall. Hope you're having a great time.