Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cold Winter's Day Kayaker

Cold Winter's Day Kayaker by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2012 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
I was walking around some working docks in Ballard along the north shore of the ship canal when I spotted some ducks and some lovely reflections of boats and pink clouds. I tried to capture a shot on my iPhone, but the ducks were unnerved by my presence. I was concentrating so much on them that I completely missed seeing a kayaker heading into shore until he was nearly there. He hauled his craft out and I noticed it had wheels at one end and a handle at the other, and he just pulled it along the street behind him to his vehicle a block or so away. What an ideal easy set up. I think even I could manage to launch and haul out a kayak like that one by myself. It was super cold out, so kudos to him for the dedication to get out there on the water and paddle down the canal.
Pink Clouds & Ducks Coming About

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