Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Driven To Abstraction Wednesday #7

Driven To Abstraction Wednesday #7 by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2012 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
A little Seattle Christmas lights abstract for you today. Which reminds me to tell you that one of my workmates, with the help of her dad, was excited to create a holiday lights display which she has synchronized to music a piano teacher friend recorded for the occasion. You can drive or walk by with your radio tuned to 102.1 FM to enjoy the festive and creative musical light show on N 48th Street (between Whitman Ave N and Woodland Park Ave N which is two blocks east of Aurora and two blocks south of N 50th Street) in the Wallingford neighborhood. You can also check out a friend of hers' display in the Ravenna neighborhood on NE 68th Street between Ravenna Ave NE and 23rd Ave NE.

She was inspired to try this after seeing the synchronized musical light display near 57th and Latona and the display at 3908 SW Charlestown in West Seattle. A new animated Christmas spirit is joining some of Seattle's favorite traditional neighborhood displays at Candy Cane Lane in the Ravenna neighborhood, Olympic Manor in Ballard (look for the lighted spinning 1950s Santas atop the OM sign at the main entrance to this large neighborhood), and the over 200,000 lights and over the top displays at 5605 Beach Drive SW in West Seattle. There's something about gray skies and very short winter days that brings out an abundance of cheery lights and festive music all over Seattle.


Leeds daily photo said...

I am not much on abstracts but I like this.

Kim Sarah Pahimulin said...

nice blog

Unknown said...

I LOVE your current header - so Christmasy, so Seattle.

Kim said...

Thanks to each of you for stopping by and taking the time to comment!
Joanna, thanks. It was one of those shots that was serendipitous--the bearded gent in the Santa hat just stepped off the curb as I was shooting on the other side of the street. I rotate my header photos to reflect the seasons, so glad this one resonated with you.